# Terms of Use


1.1 My Digital World is owned and operated by Coneka Limited (Reg. Number: HE 434333) with registered address Agias Aikaterinis, 5, Floor 2, Flat/Office 202 Dasoupoli 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus. These are the Terms of Use that apply to all My Digital World Platform usage. The legal relationship between My Digital World and the User is outlined in these Terms of Use. Capitalized terms have the meaning specified in Definitions in Article 3 of these Terms of Use.

1.2 The User must agree to the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy, after completing the Registration Form on My Digital World's website. The Account will then be activated, and the User will be able to begin utilizing the Platform. The user must follow the directions in these Terms of Use.

1.3 My Digital World has the right to update the Terms of Use or any of its elements at any time. My Digital World agrees to provide adequate notification of any modifications prior to their effective date. The modifications will enter into force once they are published on the Platform's website. Before using the Platform, the User should check the Terms of Use to see whether any modifications have been made.

1.4 Arrangements differing from the rules of the Terms of Use are only authorized if agreed in writing by My Digital World. If one or more provisions of the Terms of Use are proclaimed void by a judge, this has no effect on the other parts of the Terms of Use.

1.5 In the event of a conflict between the original English text of these Terms of Use and any translation thereof, the original English text shall have precedence.


2.1 My Digital World’s Platform is a website where My Digital World sells its Products and Users may purchase them. 2.2 To purchase Products from the Platform, Users must first create an account.


3.1 Account: the Account that the User creates in order to have access to the Platform. 3.2 User: any person who visits the Platform. 3.3 Terms of Use: these Terms of Use which apply to all uses of the Platform. 3.4 IP Rights: Intellectual Property Rights, including but not limited to brand rights, service brands, logos, trade names, model rights, patents, copyrights, database rights, personality rights, and rights to know-how and other intellectual property, whether registered or not, and all rights or other forms of protection similar to or with similar effects as the above, existing anywhere in the world. 3.5 Registration Form: the form on the Platform that the User must fill out in order to accept the Terms of Use, register an Account, purchase My Digital World Products from the Platform, and thereby enter into Purchase Agreements with My Digital World. The Registration Form may be found at mydigitalwrld.com/auth/sign-up. 3.6 Buyer: the User who creates an Account and purchases Products from the Platform. 3.7 Purchase Agreement: My Digital World and Buyer's agreement for the purchase of Products from the Platform. 3.8 Platform: My Digital World’s transaction platform that allows Users to purchase My Digital World Products, resulting in a Purchase Agreement between My Digital World and Buyer. 3.9 Product(s): My Digital World's digital product(s) available on the Platform. 3.10 Code: a Code attached to a specific prepaid card that allows the Buyer to redeem said card.


4.1 Before they may purchase Products from the Platform, all Users who plan to act through the Platform must first register an Account. The intended User is permitted to purchase Products from the Platform in line with the Terms of Use as of the moment the Account is created and activated. 4.2 The User of an Account is always totally accountable for how that Account is used and who has access to it. My Digital World must be confident that only those allowed to do transactions access the Account and Platform. 4.3 My Digital World reserves the right to deny a User's Account application, make extra demands for the creation or operation of an Account, suspend an existing Account, or remove an Account without explanation. My Digital World may do so, for example, if they suspect fraud, theft, money laundering, or terrorist financing, or if they assume that Products are sold to one or more commercial third parties, that one or more provisions of these Terms of Use and/or laws and regulations are violated, or that use of the Account disrupts the proper functioning of the Platform or, at My Digital World’s discretion, may harm My Digital World’s or third parties' good name. If My Digital World detects the same payment method (e.g. the same debit card) used in more than one User Account, we will suspend all accounts in question. 4.4 My Digital World is also permitted to terminate the availability of certain Platform capabilities to the User at any time. 4.5 If the User fails to meet their payment responsibilities to My Digital World, My Digital World has the authority to stop the usage of the Account in concerned till these payment obligations are met. 4.6 If an Account is blocked for any reason, it is banned, and the User is no longer permitted to access the Platform. 4.7 Users may not demand compensation from My Digital World regarding discontinuation or termination of their Account, and the User renounces any right to damages or other compensation. 4.8 Passwords used to gain access to an Account are kept absolutely private. The User must keep such passwords strictly confidential at all times.


5.1 A Buyer who is signed into the Platform can purchase a My Digital World product by clicking the digital 'Purchase' button. By clicking the 'Purchase' button, the User accepts the Product from My Digital World, thus competing the Purchase Agreement between My Digital World and Buyer. The User bears the risk of their choice. Products bought cannot be refunded. 5.2 My Digital World is not obligated by clear mistakes or errors in the Product information on the Platform. 5.3 Parties renounce the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement due to lack of consensus ad idem as part of the Purchase Agreement. 5.4 As part of the Purchase Agreement, the parties waive the right to end the Purchase Agreement due to a lack of consensus ad idem.


6.1 Buyer and Seller are both obligated to fulfill their respective obligations under the Purchase Agreement. These responsibilities are defined in this Article. 6.2 Buyer is required to pay the full purchase price to My Digital World. 6.3 Before the purchase, Buyer must ensure that a sufficient amount of money is available. 6.4 Buyer must pay My Digital World the amount before the Products may be delivered/downloaded. My Digital World will not distribute the Products and they cannot be retrieved until My Digital World received payment. 6.5 Once the payment is received, delivery will occur by sending an email with the card code to the address listed in the Buyer's Account. The code may also be downloaded via orders section of personal account. The delivery of the code usually takes less than 5 minutes. In most cases a code will be delivered within a minute. Please note, a Buyer takes the risk of the Product as soon as the codes are received. 6.6 The User is not permitted to suspend or offset any payments.


7.1 An Account is given to the User for a period of 12 months. The account is then implicitly renewed. 7.2 The User has the right to request the deletion of their Account and all personal information by sending a written notification via email. 7.3 Notice of cancellation must be sent via e-mail.


8.1 Purchase of gift cards cannot be subject to refund. 8.2 Refunds are only possible in case of technical errors of the Service provided by Us and/or other issues arising from our own errors. According to EU legislation the User is eligible for a refund withing 14 days after initial transaction. 8.3 All refund requests shall be submitted personally via available contacts. 8.4 The same payment method that was used for the initial financing will be used to handle all refund claims.


9.1 The minimum one-time purchase equals 5 euro, the maximum one-time purchase equals 1000 euro. 9.2 There is a limit regarding the maximum number of transactions that can be made from one card per day. In order to limit fraudulent activities and due to anti-money laundering policies, the User is not eligible to exceed this limit and make more than 8 transactions in one day. 9.3 The User may utilize a variety of external payment services. My Digital World is not responsible for the proper operation of any payment systems, and their activities are expressly excluded from My Digital World’s service or Purchase Agreements executed through the Platform. My Digital World is not involved in any payment service issues. 9.4 The User shall carry all expenses imposed by payment providers and banks, including transaction and chargeback fees.


10.1 The rights and duties arising from and under these Terms of Use shall never be sold, transferred, or pledged to a third party. 10.2 My Digital World may sell, pledge, or transfer their claims to a third party.


11.1 Every User should adopt suitable and cutting-edge technological and organizational steps to safeguard electronic data transfers and guarantee a secure online environment.


12.1 The User has read and agreed to My Digital World’s Privacy Policy, which forms an important part of these Terms of Use.


13.1 The User may be necessary to help prevent misuse of the Platform or the Products. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, theft, fraud, money laundering, terrorist funding, the sale of Products to commercial third parties, and any other conduct or omission that violates these Terms of Use and/or laws and regulations or affects My Digital World. Any suspicion of misuse must be reported to info@mydigitalwrld.com.


14.1 During office hours, work on improving the Platform's functionality continues.


15.1 My Digital World should not be required to fulfill any duty to the User if they are prevented from doing so by circumstances that cannot be ascribed to them and for which they cannot be held accountable under the law, by virtue of a legal action, or based on general opinion. In addition to the legal provisions and jurisprudence, for the purposes of these terms of use, force majeure involves all external factors, both predicted and unpredicted, which are beyond My Digital World’s regulation and hinder My Digital World’s compliance with their commitments, including force majeure afflicted by My Digital World’s suppliers, non-compliance by suppliers chosen by the User - such as payment systems - legislative measures, power outages, internet breakdowns, data network breakdowns, or telecommunications facility outages, war, fire, riots, improper operation of corporate infrastructure, and general transportation issues. 15.2 My Digital World has the authority to delay their commitments during the period of force majeure.


16.1 My Digital World’s responsibility for indirect or significant damage, lost profit, lost savings, reduced goodwill, business interruption damage, damage resulting from claims from User's buyers, and damage resulting from using third-party objects, materials, or programs chosen by the User is expressly excluded. My Digital World’s responsibility for data or document mutilation, destruction, or loss is likewise excluded. 16.2 My Digital World is not accountable for harm caused by flaws in works performed or products provided by third parties. 16.3 My Digital World is not accountable for any harm caused by Products that are not (or are no longer) in stock. 16.4 My Digital World is not responsible for any harm caused by Platform outages, such as the installation of upgrades or other actions to improve Platform functioning, or flaws and failures in My Digital World’s IT environment. 16.5 My Digital World is not responsible for any harm caused by (account) hacking. 16.6 My Digital World is not responsible for any losses incurred as a consequence of customer claims under the right of withdrawal. My Digital World is indemnified by the User against all consumer disputes arising from the right of withdrawal. 16.7 My Digital World is not responsible for any harm caused by a defective or expired Product code. 16.8 The above paragraphs' exclusions and limitations of My Digital World’s liability are without prejudice to My Digital World’s other exclusions and limitations specified in these Terms of Use. 16.9 The exclusions and limits indicated in the preceding articles do not apply if and to the extent that the loss is caused by My Digital World’s business management's purposeful conduct or intentional irresponsibility. 16.10 Unless My Digital World’s compliance is entirely impossible, My Digital World’s responsibility for imputable non-compliance with the agreement exists only if the User momentarily notifies My Digital World of the mistake, giving them a reasonable term to rectify the non-compliance, and My Digital World abjectly failed to perform with their obligations even after that term is up. 16.11 To allow My Digital World to respond effectively, the notification of failure must provide a thorough and accurate account of the noncompliance. 16.12 Unless and until the User establishes that the damage was caused by that Product or code, the User indemnifies My Digital World against all third-party allegations under product responsibility stemming from a flaw in a Product or code that the User gave to a third party and that originated from My Digital World. 16.13 The contents of this article, as well as other restrictions and exclusions of responsibility referred to in these Terms of Use, apply to all natural individuals and legal organizations hired by My Digital World to carry out the Terms of Use. 16.14 The contents of this article, as well as other restrictions and responsibility exclusions referred to in these Terms of Use, apply to Purchase Agreements as well.


17.1 My Digital World owns all intellectual property rights to (all elements of) the Platform, the underlying technology and the content. The User's right of use is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-pledgeable, and non-sublicensable. 17.2 Any use of IP Rights registered under the name of 'My Digital World' requires the prior written approval of My Digital World. 17.3 My Digital World, their licensers, or their providers own all intellectual property rights to the Products, databases, scripts, designs, and so on that are made accessible to the User under these Terms of Use and/or a Purchase Agreement. My Digital World, their licenser, or their supplier should never allow the User additional rights than those (to be) assigned to them.


18.1 All data that the User and My Digital World have obtained or will obtain as a result of this legal relationship is considered private and must not be disclosed to third parties. Privacy of such information is not necessary if: -the data is widely known; -if disclosure of the information in question is required by law or other regulatory standards; -if all parties to this Purchase Agreement have given their prior approval to breach the confidentiality of the information in question. 18.2 Breach of confidentiality may lead to litigation and potentially monetary penalties under applicable law and jurisdiction. 18.3 This confidentiality requirement will be in effect until five years after the Account is canceled.


19.1 These Terms of Use and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Republic of Cyprus. 19.2 Disputes between parties must be resolved solely through the appropriate judge of Cypriot district court.


20.1 Prohibited Countries: North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Iran, Myanmar. Residents of these countries are not permitted to access the Service, create a User Account and make purchases on mydigitalwrld.com. 20.2 High-risk countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gibraltar, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe. Residents of high-risk countries may be subject to additional verification and provision of personal details and/or documents.

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